Texas online betting bills facing unclear path after 2023

texas betting news july 2023

Updated July 31, 2023By Chris Boline
texas betting news july 2023

With legalization efforts stalling this past session, Texas sports betting remains illegal, as legalization efforts shift all the way to 2025 as one report points out. Per the same recent article, the 2023 legislative session officially ended last month, with a dead online Texas sports betting bill facing an unclear path forward. As a result, Texans will spend at least the next two years needing to go out of state to find a legal book. However with the primary opponent, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, having just been reelected through 2026, a roadmap to legalization remains tough to envision according to some reports. 

In this article, SBS will be going over what to look for from the latest gaming news coming out of the Lone Star State along with more notes from SBS. 

Patrick remains the key roadblock for Texas sports betting

As noted in the same report, the Lieutenant Governor remains a key figure in stopping the expansion of online sports betting in the state. One source even said, “as long as Dan Patrick isn’t on board, it’s not going to happen.” Moreover, the feeling of some in the industry is that they knew it was a losing battle going in, but made inroads and were able to gain some key takeaways moving forward. Also, one article pointed out, like in New York, it takes multiple attempts to finally cross the finish line. However, with a massive challenge ahead, it seems imperative that key stakeholders all pull in the same direction if they want to succeed. However, as we have seen in California, that is much easier said than done. 

Looking back at the progress made prior to this year and including 2023, the online sports betting bill advanced through the House for the first time before Patrick, the president of the Senate, declared it dead. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Jeff Leach hoped the bill could move through both legislative chambers by a two-third vote, to move it to a public vote needing a simple majority for this November. Yet, as the article notes, Patrick kept his long-held anti-gambling stance down those hopes. Given that Patrick stands to still be in office in 2025, the industry is already bracing for the same uphill battle. 

Analysts are searching for a foil to Patrick’s policies

The same report notes that there was also some industry optimism that gaming bill sponsor Senator Lois Kolkhorst, an ally of Patrick, could help make things happen. Yet Kolkhorst, an apparent believer in sports betting regulation, was silent on the issue throughout the 2023 state legislative session. When asked to respond on these issues, the Senator’s camp said she was too busy to answer these inquiries. Conversely, as noted in one article, pro sports owners in the state are not on the same page when it comes to gaming legalization. Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta has tried to sway Patrick before, but he was ultimately unable to do so. 

Moreover, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones also tried to make some headway, but his efforts went for naught. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban also told one outlet he is more intrigued by legalizing casino resorts than sports betting. Cuban was hoping to partner with Las Vegas Sands, which spent millions in an unsuccessful lobbying effort. An industry source summed it up by saying, “at the end of the day, the Patrick obstacle was one even Jerry Jones couldn’t overcome.”

Even more notes and info about Texas sports wagering

After you are all squared away regarding the latest betting news coming from Texas, make sure to definitely tap into the wide variety of resources that SBS has put together for you. Of course, for even more information on Lone Star State wagering, the SBS sports betting in Texas rundown is a great way to get updated Texas betting news. On another note, for those on the go, the SBS best betting apps guide is a fantastic overview of mobile betting and how to get the most out of it. Finally, if you are also uncertain about which payment options are the best for you, then our payment methods breakdown is a must-read page. Here you can find all kinds of options for deposits and withdrawals from traditional banking routes to cryptocurrencies. 

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