California native tribes veto recent gaming ballot gambits

californria betting news december 2023

Updated December 3, 2023By Chris Boline
californria betting news december 2023

A huge gaming battle, the bout for control of online sports betting continues in California even with some new speedbumps this past month. Per a recent report, California’s road to legal online sports betting got a little more challenging as the state’s federally recognized tribes recently unanimously rejected two new ballot initiatives that would have legalized sports betting. While the vote won’t stop the initiatives from moving forward, it signals that they are almost guaranteed to fail. When the two new ballot initiatives were submitted to the Attorney General’s office, they were said to have tribal backing. However, CNIGA leaders confirmed they had never been contacted to discuss or review the new proposals, which led to a swift and angry response. 

For this report, SBS will be going over the latest gaming news and notes coming from California and also some more gaming notes from there. 

Tribes continue to exert dominance over CA gaming

According to a recent article, California’s largest tribes are a part of the California Nations Indian Gaming Association (CNIGA). The group has been active in its opposition to legal sports betting in the state. Moreover, they have argued that the new industry would have a negative impact on their booming casino business, with more people choosing to stay at home to bet on games. As noted above, there have been some vehement recent discussions held when it comes to the latest gaming ballot initiatives. 

“So, the poker bros spoke to CNIGA yesterday. They said they have had conversations with tribes like mine and Morongo. A bald-faced lie,” CNIGA chairman Victor Rocha said regarding the initiatives in a recent report. “The conclusion – the tribes are positive they are grifters. (We) held a meeting today and expect a complete repudiation of the grift.” 

Native tribes not letting up in opposition of sports betting

Per the report and also highlighted in this space, this new opposition to sports betting measures is nothing new for the native tribes. CNIGA tribes have been opposed to legal sports betting in California since the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was overturned in 2018. The biggest concern, per a variety of reports, is that legal sports betting would detract from their casinos’ traffic. California tribal casinos see more revenue than those in Las Vegas, meaning a lot of money is on the line. 

While those concerns remain, the rift between sports betting proponents and the tribes has only grown over the years. Millions of dollars have been spent by both sides to win public support, with the tribes coming out on top. The rift between these two sides was only made worse with these new initiatives. Meanwhile, the tribes have stated that their members’ support of these new initiatives was a lie, accusing the other side of lying to sneak through them. While both proposals would have awarded the tribes’ sole rights to sports betting in the state, the betrayal of trust led to a robust and quick rejection. 

Even more information about California betting news

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