Xbet is offering a free $5,000 Roulette Tournament

xbet betting news november 2023

Updated November 14, 2023By Chris Boline
xbet betting news november 2023

For those looking for an exciting casino game experience, Xbet has your back with its latest offering: the free $5k Roulette Tournament on its site. Per the Xbet site, for this promotion, you can decide to play American Roulette as well as Single-Zero Roulette Pay on the website. Moreover, there is no buy-in for this tournament, but at the start of it, each player receives the same number of chips. Before the tournament starts the players are seated around a table based on a seat draw. The game is then played like normal roulette but with a couple of twists – ultimately the goal is to be the last man standing or have the most amount of chips after the flight/tournament has ended. Per the Xbet site, if a player runs out of money during the re-entry period of the tournament, the player has the option of re-entry. 

In this report, SBS will be going over what to look for from the latest offerings from Xbet and also some more notes about the website. 

Xbet roulette tournament is open to all customers

Per the main site, there are a handful of general rules players will need to follow for the Free $5k Roulette Tournament. All tables will be using the same wheel and the same spins the whole tournament will be hand-for-hand. Players will have the same amount of time to place bets before the spin and then no more bets will be called and the ball will be spun at that point. At the end of the spin, the dealers will dolly the number, clear the layout, and play out. Once all pay-outs are completed, the next betting round will begin. 

Per the main site and other roulette rules pages, all players must adhere to the min and maximum bets of each round. To assist in policing this, the players will only be given color up to the maximum bet amount. No call bets will be taken here as it is a purely color game. For this tournament, players must always place one bet per spin and a stack surrender in the first round is possible and players can do a re-entry. 

Roulette Tournament will finish with winner payouts

Per the rules page, each player will start with a certain number of predetermined chips with the lowest chip denomination being one chip. Players are required to place at least the minimum bet required on each spin. Should a player not place the minimum bet, the dealer will instruct the player to do so. Failure to comply will forfeit the minimum bet amount for the player. For each round of the tournament, the top two players from each segment will advance to the next round. The player with the biggest stack at the end of the final round will win the tournament. Moreover, the exact monetary payouts will be determined after the start of the tournament and the final number of players. Any deal must leave 10% of the remaining prize pool for first place. 


Bonus$ 500

Other notes, insights, and information about Xbet

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