Sports betting still allowed with some caveats in California

california betting news september 2023

Updated September 4, 2023By Chris Boline
california betting news september 2023

In the Golden State, the topic of gaming legalization is going to be a hot-button issue for years to come, even if it gets approved across the state. That said, per one recent report from a California news outlet, although two sports betting ballot measures failed last year, there are some forms or derivatives of sports betting allowed in the state. Moreover, at least one native tribe with a casino in California is facilitating a new kind of sports betting action. Conversely, among the biggest proponents of legalizing sports betting across the board in California last year were online operators FanDuel and DraftKings, who also specialize in an entirely different niche: daily fantasy sports. This is important, as the article notes, since California, like most states, doesn’t consider wagering on daily fantasy sports to be, technically, sports betting. In terms of gaming laws, California could switch to the “gray state” given its cloudy rules. 

In this report, SBS will be taking a deeper dive into the latest California gaming news and also offer some more notes about Golden State wagering 

Daily fantasy games offer loopholes for companies

Per the same article, you can actually play daily fantasy games on FanDuel or DraftKings for free, or for real money even in California today. What’s more surprising is that they could entertain these options last year and even the prior two years in the state. Of course, all of this is muddled in the eyes of consumers, because while both outlets offer daily fantasy sports, they also rushed to enter the traditional world of sports betting. This explains why there are still advertisements for both companies in California even after the failed ballot measures this last year. They are still offering daily sports fantasy in the state, which is what the advertisements showcase. 

Another version or derivative of sports betting that is legal in California is free sports betting per the same report. Additionally, this is what at least one native tribe in the state has gotten involved with. Sparket, a Los Angeles-based tech company, has developed a free sports betting platform that is used by the 29 Palms Band of Mission Indians in San Bernardino County. The mobile app awards users virtual coins every time they log in. Users can use those coins to place wagers on real sporting events, and if they win, can notch more coins to bet on other events. 

Representatives say tribes want free sports betting

According to the same article, representatives of Redination, an economic development company based in San Diego that works with tribes and Sparket, said many California tribes are interested in free sports betting. As noted in the article, a “social betting” app like Sparket, is legal under California law because it doesn’t involve the wagering of real money. Moreover, one former casino executive and gaming regulator, Richard Schuetz, said California’s gaming tribes most oppose mainstream sports betting because they want to protect the geographic advantage of their casinos. 

There is another looming threat the article notes to native tribes – iGaming. This format is another word for online casino gaming, which can be done anywhere, thus removing the advantage the tribes with casinos near big cities have. Analysts say that tribes fear legalized sports betting in the state since it will open the door for iGaming in California, thus rendering their casinos pointless. 

Other thoughts and notes about California betting

After you are all squared away regarding the latest news and updates from the Golden State, check out all the other great resources that SBS has for you. Of course, if you are looking for other news from the location at hand, the California sports betting guide has you covered with all the latest gaming-related news from the state. Also, if you are perhaps uncertain about which payment options are the best for you, do not worry as our payment methods breakdown has your back. On this page, you can find a variety of options for deposits and withdrawals from crypto to more traditional routes. Finally, for those interested in some higher stakes betting, the VIP sports betting sites rundown is a great page to check out and see if VIP wagering is for you. 

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