MyBookie’s NFL $250K SuperContest is live for 2023

mybookie betting news october 2023

Updated October 15, 2023By Chris Boline
mybookie betting news october 2023

An excellent contest that needs little re-introduction, the MyBookie SuperContest is live at the site and perfect for NFL fans. Per the website, the SuperContest is based on selecting winning teams against the spread each week of the NFL regular season. The spread for each game is of course determined by MyBookie’s sportsbook, and if the odds change, then the odds in the SuperContest will as well. For this contest to be valid, the NFL regular season must consist of at least ten (10) weeks for the MyBookie SuperContest to be registered and official. There are also other general rules on the website that must be followed, but those are the usual standard contest fare for MyBookie games. 

For this report, SBS will be going over what to look for from the latest NFL contest at MyBookie along with more notes and information about using the website. 

First place prize for this MyBookie event is $40,000

Per the main contest rules page, the final prize pool distribution on the top 500 scores is first place prize being $40,000. Second place is good for $30,000 while third place honors notches you a cool $25,0000. After that, contestants who can make it into the top ten can expect a prize of at least $5,000 (tenth place). Customers who rank anywhere beyond the top ten will receive a prize anywhere from $200 to $100. Moreover, this contest also features quarterly prizes with the prize pool going up from $10,000 in quarter one to $17,500 in quarter four. The quarterly prizes will be paid to the contestants who accumulate the most points during each quarter of the NFL Regular Season. For example, the first quarter of the season is for weeks one through four, and so on. 

If various contestants tie for a prize in the main prize pool, the winnings will be split along with the next lowest prize. Moreover, if various participants tie for the quarterly prize pool, the prize will be split evenly among all tying participants. Finally, winnings are awarded as cash with no rollover requirements per the main rules page. 

Game selections are a breeze with this NFL SuperContest

Per the main site page, contestants must select five (5) NFL teams per entry, per week. Contestants who submit fewer than five selections will only be eligible to receive points for the matchups selected. Contestants may submit their selections at any point during the NFL week. Each winning selection against the point spread will count as one (1) point on the leaderboard. Ties (pushes) against the point spread count as one-half (0.5) point. 

According to the main rules page, the most points you can score in a week is five (5). The most points you can score in a season is ninety (90). Moreover, the leaderboard will be updated in real-time after every NFL regular season game. The contestants who accumulate the most points during the contest will be deemed the winners based on their position on the leaderboard. 


Bonus$ 1000

Bonus also available in BTC

Even more notes & information about using MyBookie

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