Mark Cuban backing legalization of resort gaming in Texas

texas betting news november 2023

Updated November 14, 2023By Chris Boline
texas betting news november 2023

In the ongoing battle for gaming legalization in Texas, a familiar backer of sports betting and casinos in the state has once again emerged showcasing his support. Per a recent article, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and ABC’s Shark Tank, Mark Cuban, has once again proven his “unwavering support” for the legalization of casino gambling. This time by expressing his desire for lawmakers to consider legalizing resort-style gambling in the state. Earlier this year, in May, the billionaire, who is known for being one of the Lone Star State’s most prominent long-time casino proponents, said the introduction of casinos would turn it into an excellent destination for tourists while significantly boosting its economic profile. 

In this report, SBS will be taking a closer look at the latest gaming news coming from Texas and also some more notes and information about Lone Star State wagering. 

Cuban loves the benefits of casinos for economy/tourism

As noted in the same report, Cuban has been a supporter of the casino industry for some time now. In December 2022, the billionaire also expressed his ambitious plans to turn the Dallas Mavericks Arena into a Vegas-style destination by changing its current American Airlines Center headquarters to a much larger and more appealing venue. Moreover, over the years, the Shark Tank investor, who has committed to the 16th season of the iconic show, has been striving to bring some important changes to the way Texas is perceived by tourists. Namely, Cuban argued that when someone is thinking of all the places they would like to save up for an upcoming vacation, “Texas isn’t one of them.”

He added, per one report, that the state does not represent a genuine travel destination that someone would be willing to pay for. An issue, he says, that could find a quick fix with the help of resort gaming. In his opinion, this would draw in more people due to the fresh amenities and the potentially Vegas-style atmosphere. In 2022, the businessman and investor with a net worth estimated at over $5.1 billion, spoke about his vision to partner with the Las Vegas Sands. This was an effort to build a new arena for the Mavericks “in the middle of a resort and casino.”

Cuban still optimistic about future of Texas gaming

Per the same report, in spite of the Texas House shutting down the legislation that would have given the green light for casino resorts as envisioned by him, Cuban has not lost all hope for the future. For example, this past April he invested $18.5 million into the American Airlines Center for the purchase of new seats and video boards. The center, which Cuban called “a great sports town” for sports aficionados, represents the Dallas area’s Premier Sports and Entertainment arena. 

For the time being though, Cuban is mainly remaining focused on the growth of his company, Cost Plus Drugs, which focuses on “disrupting big pharma” as noted in one article. Earlier this week, he held a speech in front of hundreds of business owners at Chase’s Make Your Move Summit in Frisco, where he strongly encouraged entrepreneurship while he explained his path to success. 

Even more notes and info about Texas sports betting

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