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gtbets betting news august 2023

Updated August 22, 2023By Chris Boline
gtbets betting news august 2023

A website that has a ton of great casino game action, GTBets is ending the summer strong with two excellent titles for customers to sink their teeth into. The first featured game of the month from the site is 8 Outlaws which is an online slot game from Flipluck that is themed around the Wild West and features western motifs. This game has everything you would see in a cowboy title from sheriffs and bandits to all kinds of weaponry. The other top title this month from GTBets is Ten Times Wins which is another retro-inspired three-reel slot game. Per one review, this is a game that features some old-school characteristics that many modern games do not have and also “a 10x multiplier” that can give customers a big boost from playing this title. 

In this report, SBS will be going over the latest updates coming from GTBets along with more notes and information about using the website. 

8 Outlaws is a must-play for fans of the spaghetti western

According to one review of this title, 8 Outlaws is clearly geared around the Wild West and features all kinds of Western designs. The graphics in the game have been noted as “well-designed” with symbols that are used to “capture the atmosphere” of the Wild West. In the background of the game you will find a typical saloon set-up and the game also includes sound effects and music to enhance the Western atmosphere. Moreover, this game is a slot with a traditional five-by-three reel model with 25 winning lines. 

As noted in one report, 8 Outlaws features a ton of diverse features. This includes the “whiskey shots” game mode where you can “shoot” the bottles on screen and win cash prizes and multipliers. Moreover, this game features free spins with sticky wilds that stay in place for up to two spins. Also with these free spins comes the opportunity for random prizes on the title and a special feature in the game called, “Hand of Fate.” For this tournament, you can win cash prizes, multipliers, and a top prize of 100x your score. 

Ten Times Wins is a throwback title for casino gamers

As noted in one report, Ten Times Wins is an online casino title that features only the classic style and game setup as games from an older era. This title is a slot machine simulator that does not have the bells and whistles of sleek, modern-era 3D video slots. However, what it does have is a simple three-symbol combination wheel of wild symbols that is good for 5,000 credits. According to the same review, that is a much higher value than many five-symbol payouts in other games. Moreover, with a 10x multiplier spinning the reels, this can bump the lowest three-credit award to 30 almost instantly. 

Peer the same article, the Ten Times Wins paytable displays three prizes for each combination. This is because you have the option to bet one, two, or three coins per line. The Ten Times Win game is also a variable pay line title, as opposed to fixed. This is because the game developer wants you to decide how much you want to stake here. Also as one review notes, this game does fit the bill for a traditional slot game with above-average payouts and the 10x symbol is constantly moving in this game, which makes a huge difference if you are able to lock in this option. 


Bonus$ 500

Bonus also available in BTC

Other notes and information about utilizing GTBets

After you are all squared away regarding the latest gaming news from GTBets, SBS has you covered with a wide variety of resources to keep you on top of your game. If you are still in need of more information on the topic at hand, the GTBets sportsbook review guide covers a ton of the latest information coming from the outlet. Moreover, for those looking for some higher-stakes options, our VIP sports betting sites rundown is a fantastic page to see if VIP wagering is the right fit for you. Finally, if you are someone that is always on the go, then the best betting apps breakdown is a great page to give you an overview of mobile betting. Moreover, this page covers how and why to bet using your mobile device. 

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