Florida online sports wagering lawsuit battle rages on

florida betting news october 2023

Updated October 22, 2023By Chris Boline
florida betting news october 2023

In the Sunshine State, the West Flagler online sports betting lawsuit battle rages on with Governor Ron DeSantis getting more involved in the action as of late. Per a recent update from the case, the Florida Supreme Court granted the 30-day extension request from DeSantis to file a response to West Flagler’s lawsuit. The Governor asked until December 1st for the extension due to the “heavy workload” of the Florida Solicitor General’s Office. As regular readers of this space are aware, this was in response to West Flagler’s lawsuit to invalidate the online sports betting language in the state’s approved 2021 gaming compact with the Seminole Tribe. White this extension was granted, West Flagler did petition the court to deny the extension, citing the fact they originally offered a seven-day extension per sources. 

In this article, SBS will be going over the latest news and notes coming from Florida and also more information about gaming in the Sunshine State. 

Extension is a big workload for Solicitor General office

Per the article, in the petition to the Florida Supreme Court, Ashley Moody, Attorney General representing DeSantis, noted that No Casinos Inc. recently requested and received an extension of 10 days for its amicus brief in support of West Flagler. However, West Flagler, Moody noted in the petition, would only agree to a seven-day extension. That said, West Flagler’s counsel would later submit a brief to the Florida Supreme Court asking them to deny the petition. Raquel A. Rodriguez, counsel for West Flagler, noted in the filing that DeSantis and the Attorney General have not asked for additional time to respond because of the amicus brief, but that they rely on heavy workload. 

Moreover, Rodriguez would later write this is why the initial seven-day extension was offered as a compromise. As noted in one report, no parties know how the U.S. Supreme Court will proceed over the next two months with the federal case being requested by West Flagler, Rodriguez said. She also noted that it is uncertain if the Seminole Tribe “will decide to take matters into its own hands and launch its sports betting application state-wide.” 

West Flagler wants sports betting approved by voters

According to the same report and as noted in this space before, West Flagler is contending in their lawsuit that the approved 2021 gaming compact violated the Florida Constitution. More specifically, this gaming compact included online sports betting exclusivity for the Seminole Tribe which violates Amendment 3 of the state’s constitution. Florida voters approved the amendment in 2018, which declares that voters have the “exclusive right to decide whether to authorize casino gambling in the State of Florida.” 

West Flagler asserts that the “implementing law” authorizing the off-reservation sports betting provision of the compact expanded casino gambling throughout the state, not just tribal lands. The petition also notes that Gov. DeSantis exceeded his authority by entering into a compact that granted the Seminole Tribe exclusive rights to offer off-reservation and in-person sports betting throughout the state. Moreover, this recent petition noted that Gov. DeSantis exceeded his authority by entering into a compact that granted the Seminole Tribe exclusive rights to offer off-reservation online and in-person sports betting throughout the state. 

Other information and thoughts about Florida betting

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