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Sbs F1 Dutch Grand Prix Max Verstappen

Updated August 21, 2023By Henry ShepherdSbs F1 Dutch Grand Prix Max Verstappen

The year 2023 has proven to be a remarkably successful journey for Max Verstappen, the standout talent of the Red Bull team. With an extraordinary sequence of nine consecutive victories, Verstappen arrives at Circuit Zandvoort with an air of confidence. Given his highly favorable odds, it’s evident that he is set to dominate the Dutch Grand Prix.

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When is the Dutch Grand Prix?

Friday, August 25th – Practice 1 & 2

Saturday, August 26th – Practice 3 & Qualifying

Sunday, August 27th – Race Day

The 2023 Formula 1 campaign has unfolded in a rather subdued manner, witnessing a complete dominance by Red Bull drivers who have clinched victory in all 12 races so far, with an impressive 10 of those wins being secured by none other than Max Verstappen.

Irrespective of the narrative, the season progresses following an extended hiatus, with the upcoming Dutch Grand Prix scheduled to take place at Circuit Zandvoort on August 27.

Once more, the formidable figure of Max Verstappen, retains his status as the overwhelming frontrunner. We delve into the intricacies in our Formula 1 betting odds analysis for the Dutch Grand Prix below.

Max Verstappen (-400)

No matter his starting position on the grid, victory appears to be an inescapable outcome for Max Verstappen, the driving force behind Red Bull. With a remarkable string of nine consecutive triumphs and a total of 10 out of 12 wins this season, Verstappen’s track record underscores his undeniable prowess.

Furthermore, given his previous successes at Circuit Zandvoort over the past two years, we expect this winning streak to persist.

Max VerstappenTo Win 2023 Dutch GP


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Sergio Perez (+900)

Sergio Perez’s season has proven to be a tumultuous ride of highs and lows. The initial four races saw him secure either a first or second-place finish. However, his performance has witnessed a downturn in the subsequent eight races, where he managed to qualify for the Q3 session only three times. Consequently, his odds have experienced a notable decline.

Sergio PerezTo Win 2023 Dutch GP


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Nevertheless, Perez’s affiliation with Red Bull ensures that he retains the opportunity to vie at the forefront of the grid. As long as he maintains his position within the Red Bull team, his presence is poised to make a significant impact on the race outcomes.

Lewis Hamilton (+1450)

Although far from being characterized as a dream season by any measure, the Mercedes standout continues to perform steadily. He stands among the exclusive trio of drivers who have managed to secure points in every race throughout this season. Moreover, within his most recent eight races, he has achieved an impressive tally of podium finishes, notching four such achievements.

Lewis HamiltonTo Win 2023 Dutch GP


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Unstoppable Verstappen

Opposing Max Verstappen in our Dutch Grand Prix predictions is an almost insurmountable challenge as he aims for a historic victory on his home turf.

Verstappen’s recent triumph in Belgium just before the summer break marked his eighth consecutive win, leaving him a single victory short of Sebastian Vettel’s record. His dominance has been evident with an impressive 10 wins out of the 12 rounds held this season.

Having secured victory at Circuit Zandvoort for the past two years, in front of his fervent fanbase, Verstappen is heavily favored to repeat the feat in the upcoming Dutch Grand Prix.

During the Spa Francorchamps race, the dual world champion initiated from the sixth position on the grid. However, by lap 17 of the 44-lap race, he had seized the lead and eventually claimed victory with a substantial 22.3-second lead over his Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez.

Verstappen’s championship lead over Perez stands at a substantial 125 points, underscoring his dominance. Red Bull is on track for an extraordinary sweep of race wins in 2023, a trend that commenced last season. The Milton Keynes-based team has now secured victory in an astounding 22 out of the last 23 races, with Verstappen contributing 19 of those wins.

His most recent victory was so commanding that Verstappen playfully taunted his struggling competitors, humorously suggesting that Red Bull should engage in “pit-stop training” during the event.


Since its reinstatement in the 2021 Formula One season, Max Verstappen has maintained an unblemished record at the Dutch Grand Prix, emerging victorious each time. Despite this streak of success, there remain significant milestones for him to achieve on his home circuit. Notably, he has the opportunity to surpass Jim Clark’s record of four wins, solidifying his legacy.

While attaining such a feat might necessitate a more extended period, it’s worth considering more immediate objectives. Among these is the prospect of eclipsing Lewis Hamilton’s lap time record, a target that’s well within Verstappen’s reach. Additionally, he could also aspire to join the ranks of legends like Sebastian Vettel and Alberto Ascari in the annals of Formula One history.

Verstappen to win the Dutch Grand Prix

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