California sports betting receiving new tribal supporters

california betting news january 2024

Updated January 2, 2024By Chris Boline
california betting news january 2024

An ongoing battle for sports betting legislation continues to rage on in the Golden State, but there are some new wrinkles to the equation. Per a recent article, proponents of various California sports betting initiatives are receiving public support from a small faction of revenue-sharing tribes. However, proponent Kasey Thompson recently told one news outlet he believes it will grow into a much larger consortium. Representatives from the Cahuilla Band Of Indians, Karuk Tribe, Blue Lake Rancheria, and Chicken Ranch Rancheria told another outlet that the proposed California sports betting initiatives would provide a meaningful revenue stream to improve the standard of living for rural tribes. 

In this article, SBS will be going over what to look for from the latest gaming news coming from California and also more notes about Golden State gaming. 

Gaming proponents think consortium is a “fantastic idea” 

Per the same report, Thompson told one outlet, “I think that this consortium is a fantastic idea. For the 72 rev-share tribes to have one singular voice.” Under the current structure, 72 tribes receive $1.1 million annually from the Revenue Sharing Trust Fund (RSTF). However, under the amended initiative proposal, online sports betting would be taxed at 25%, allowing RSTF tribes to obtain up to $15 million per year. Thompson noted this development by saying. “I think that this has taken a lot of time and preparation, and they wouldn’t be coming out now unless they thought that they would have the full support of the 72. I think that they will get them because a $15 million to $1 million difference of revenue is staggering.”

Per the same article, outgoing Cahuilla chairman Daniel Salgado explained why the initiatives would benefit the rev-share tribes in the Golden State. “I support the initiative in its amended form and I’m going to look to get other tribes in California, and as many Californians as possible to support it,” Salgardo said to one outlet. “Californians need to know that two-thirds of California tribes are struggling. We’re not the Indians they see on the billboards. We’re out in the trees, we’re out in the hills, we’re out in the desert, we’re out in the rural areas that aren’t commonly visited and we’re out there trying to survive. This initiative finally gives us a meaningful revenue stream to not only survive but thrive.” Thompson also added in this report: “Every point those terrible people just said resonates true with all 72. Why would they not be for it?”

Thompson plans to spearhead next steps in gaming plan

According to the same report, Thompson plans to go through on a $25 million signature-gathering effort. However, he said he would not put California sports betting on the ballot without “majority tribal support.” As noted in this space and elsewhere, there are 110 tribes in the Golden State. However, not all tribes certainly do not agree. The California Nations Indian Gaming Association (CNIGA) has repeatedly opposed the initiatives. The group urged the proponent to drop their proposal in a letter sent last week. CNIGA said its 52 members voted unanimously in opposition. Moreover, CNIGA chairman James Siva again spoke out against the initiatives in a statement. “The disingenuous nature of these initiatives should be a red flag to every tribal government as well as every voter in California,” Siva said in a recent article. “The proponents of the measures are attempting to divide and conquer tribes by pushing an initiative that attempts to legitimize illicit operators and putting our governments at risk.”

As noted in the same article, the letter also reads: “An aggressive campaign will be waged against these reckless initiatives – like in 2022 which resulted in an 82% NO vote – that harm potential legitimate efforts to authorize sports wagering responsibility in California.” Victor Rocha, conference chair of the Indian Gaming Association (IGA) and member of the Pechanga Band of Indians previously tweeted about the proponents’ plan. “The strategy is to drive a wedge between the gaming and non-gaming tribes,” Rocha tweeted. “At the end of the day, it’s still a bunch of tech bros promising to lead Native Americans to the promise land. It will fail like before. Unity is our strength.”

Other notes and info about the latest California news

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